How to Prepare for a Snowstorm with Emergency Blizzard Supplies in Urbandale, IA

Blizzards, snow squalls, snow storms, and extreme winter weather may not only be physically challenging to endure, but can bring power outages, unsafe temperatures, and driving hazards that warrant proper preparedness. Issues like vehicles stuck in snow, the inability to leave your home, and maintaining charged communication devices can be easier to address with the right supplies. Whether you’re a seasoned winter-weather pro and need to stock up on supplies, or if you’re new to preparing for an upcoming snowstorm, O’Reilly Auto Parts has compiled a list of tools, accessories, and portable charging devices to help you weather out the storm in safe, comfortable conditions.

Winter Storm Warning: Prepare For A 2024 Snowstorm In Iowa

Shop Portable Generators Near Urbandale, IA

Having power during a snowstorm can mean increased comfort for some, while others may require electricity to power devices for their health and safety. When other power sources are unavailable, portable generators use an alternator to generate electricity independently — a great option for long-term power outages, second shelters, or areas with routine snow storms. Portable generators are normally gas-powered and feature outlets to help you power or charge appliances, entertainment systems, and larger electronics more quickly and effectively than power banks or inverters. If you’re a cold-weather pro and already own a portable generator, be sure to inspect the oil filter, air filter, spark plug(s), and other components for signs of wear or damage before severe weather hits.

Do It Right Tip: Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is the leading cause of death during US natural disasters. To prevent injury or illness while weathering a snowstorm, place your generator at least 20 feet away from your home or garage, outside of all doors, windows, and other openings.

Prepare For Power Outages With Flashlights & Flashlight Batteries

Falling trees, freezing or downed power lines, and electrical damage from frigid temperatures make power outages a common occurrence during winter storms. Preparing yourself with flashlights and the right flashlight batteries can make it easier to weather the storm with increased comfort and visibility. We carry clip-on lighting and headlamps for easy, hands-free light, as well as chargeable or battery-powered flashlights to fit your exact needs. Stock up on AA, AAA, and D batteries to keep your emergency lights going.

Get Fuel Before A Snow Storm With Extra Gas Cans

During your snowstorm preparation, it’s recommended that you fill your vehicle’s gas tank at least halfway. Having an extra fuel supply can not only prevent you from paying high prices at the pump post-storm but may also be critical if gas stations are out of service for an extended period. Fuel containers can help you stock up on extra gas to power your generator or vehicle so you can enjoy some of your everyday comforts and stay safe and healthy. Avoid keeping your extra fuel container in direct sunlight to prevent vapors from escaping and to reduce the risk of explosion.

Get Your Car Out Of Snow With Tow Straps & Tire Chains

A staple in mountainous or hilly Northern regions, tire chains can be crucial to helping your vehicle traverse icy, snowy, or slick winter roads. Tire chains are metal links that surround each of your car’s tires, adding traction and grip to the wheels to maintain better contact with the pavement or snow. Having tire chains reduces the chances of slipping, skidding, or collisions while driving in extreme winter weather conditions, and like towing straps, can be a vital tool if your car is stuck. If tire chains aren’t enough and your car is stuck in the snow, we also carry tow ropes and straps in various working loads and lengths to help you and your vehicle get home safely.

Clear A Path With A Snow Shovel & Driveway De-Icer

Heavy snow, ice, and sleet can quickly build up, impeding your ability to drive, walk, or even open doors in some instances. Having the right equipment and chemicals can help you eliminate trudging through snow for a more accessible, enjoyable storm shelter. Driveway De-Icer is a perfect solution for pre-treating large walking areas such as walkways, parking areas, and porches, and can even be used post-snowfall to begin melting away frozen water. As for shoveling snow, snow shovels are great for clearing relatively flat, smooth surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks and can be used with a salt spreader for quicker application. Now, if you’re a seasoned pro who already owns a snow plow, we also carry replacement snow plow parts including headlights, snow plow motors, blades, and more to help you clear more ground this winter. Whether you are looking for a snow broom, replacement snow plow spark plugs, or driveway ice melt, O’Reilly Auto Parts has the items you need to keep your vehicle and walkways clean and free from ice.

Shop Car Windshield Scrapers & Windshield De-Icer In Urbandale, IA

Defrosting your vehicle’s windows and windshield is not exactly an enjoyable task, but having the right supplies and tools can help make restoring your visibility easier. For simply clearing light snow from your vehicle, a car snow brush is perfect for reaching over the glass and quickly sweeping off any flurries or snow clumps. As for icy conditions, shop windshield De-Icers, which can be used to quickly remove frost and ice from a windshield. Some products even come with a built-in ice scraper for easier removal. Other De-Icers can be used to pretreat windshields and windows, preventing ice, sleet, or snow from accumulating on your vehicle’s glass and making defrosting that much simpler. Another method of snow prevention is a windshield cover, made to easily trap snow and prevent ice build-up before it reaches automotive glass for less of a hassle.

Shop Roadside Emergency Kits & First Aid Kits Near Urbandale, IA

Falls, accidents, and unforeseen emergencies are all reasons you should either keep a first aid kit accessible or replenish any missing items in your first aid kit, especially before severe winter weather. First aid kits not only include bandages and antiseptic but may also include hand heaters to temporarily keep you a bit warmer. You should ideally keep a first aid kit in your home, vehicle, and other frequented locations, and stocking up on emergency first aid kits before a snowstorm can make it easier to treat and care for unexpected injuries. In addition to a first aid kit, stocking your vehicle with a roadside emergency kit can help you for emergencies that aren’t injury-related. Normally equipped with gloves, towing accessories, and a first aid kit, winter roadside emergency kits can be useful if you find yourself stuck in snow or have drifted off the roadway. Winter emergency kits can offer you the items you need to remove your vehicle from a dangerous situation with less hassle. Find the exact cold weather kit you may need to prepare yourself for a potential accident or poor driving conditions and prevent an already unpleasant situation from getting worse.

Charge Electronics With Power Inverters & Portable Power Banks

Preparing for power outages also means taking note of what electronics are necessary during a winter storm, and knowing how often these essential items need to be charged. We carry portable power banks that are pre-charged to power small devices, such as phones and other rechargeable devices. For larger electronics, such as lamps and small appliances, a power inverter can allow you to use electricity from your vehicle's battery and charging systems and is a great option if you don't have access to a portable generator.

Find A Battery Charger, Jump-Starter, or Jumper Cables To Keep Your Car Running

Extremely cold weather can cause your vehicle to have issues starting, and if you’re using a power inverter to charge your devices, your car’s battery may not have enough power to start and run successfully. A car battery charger is plugged into an external power source or a gas-powered generator to charge the vehicle’s battery. Alternatively, a battery jump-starter can be used to provide temporary power to start the car engine, allowing the alternator to recharge the battery. If no power source is available, jumper cables can be used to jump-start the car from another running vehicle.

Keep Warm With Gloves & Hand Warmers

Staying warm is a major concern during extreme winter weather, and it’s important to keep your fingers and toes warm to prevent hypothermia and frostbite, a leading cause of injury during extreme winter weather. While moving your body and extremities will help circulate blood, once your core body temperature is stable, it’s vital to keep your hands and feet covered, protected, and warm despite freezing temperatures. We carry winter gloves, as well as one-time feet and hand warmers to help you better maintain your overall health and safety, especially if you are outside or in your vehicle. It is also a good idea to keep extra blankets and clothes in your vehicle and ensure you’re wearing appropriate footwear in winter weather to help you stay safer in the event of a breakdown.

Gather Extension Cords For Easier Charging

Whether you need to use your generator at a safe distance or want to power your devices and appliances more conveniently, extension cords make it easier to connect to and access your power sources. We carry a variety of extension cords, including retractable cords, cords with multiple outlets, and extension cords up to 100 feet long to help you weather a snowstorm or blizzard more comfortably.

Get A Fire Extinguisher Today

Whether you have a fireplace in your home or have built a fire pit, having a fire extinguisher nearby when you are burning wood to stay warm can help ensure your health and safety. While there may be snow on the ground and a spreading fire may seem like a distant concern, fires can still smolder and burn under snow, ice, and cold ground. Burning candles during power outages, electrical fires, and accidents due to the storm are likely causes of fires, and it's best to be prepared with a fire extinguisher in case of emergency.

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