Find Hurricane Supplies Today Near Seguin, TX

Whether inclement weather is coming or you’re just stocking up on storm supplies, preparing for a tropical storm or a hurricane is vital for your health, safety, and well-being during the storm. Discover items that can help you face a hurricane, typhoon, or other weather events, like battery-powered flashlights, substrate to soak up water, gas-powered generators, and more at O’Reilly Auto Parts. Find the items you need quickly and easily to help you weather incoming storms or prepare for hurricane season.

Prepare For A Hurricane With Emergency Items From O’Reilly Auto Parts

Find a Gas Can Near Seguin, TX to Store Extra Fuel

A general rule for hurricane prep is to fill your vehicle with fuel at least halfway and to have an emergency fuel supply during the storm’s aftermath. Having an extra supply of gas during a tropical storm or hurricane can prevent waiting in long lines for high-priced gas, and if the weather makes gas station pumps unusable, you can be sure you have an emergency gas can to power your vehicle, generator, and more. Remember to keep this container out of direct sunlight to prevent fuel vapors from escaping and reduce the chances of an explosion when it is stored.

Find A Portable Generator Near Seguin, TX

Whether sustaining power is crucial to your health and safety or if you’re simply a seasoned expert when dealing with natural disasters and power outages, consider investing in a portable generator. Portable generators are typically gas-powered and use an alternator to generate electricity on their own when other power sources are unavailable. These generators also feature outlets to help you charge and power your appliances, entertainment devices, and larger electronics more effectively than power inverters or power banks.

Do It Right Tip: Using generators in an enclosed space during a power outage can lead to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, one of the leading causes of death during US natural disasters. Ensure your generator is placed at least 20 feet outside of your home or garage, away from doors, windows, and other openings to your space to help prevent illness or injury.

Combat High-Speed Hurricane Winds With Ratchet Straps

Secure your belongings, juvenile trees, and lightweight structures with heavy-duty ratchet straps. Available in various working loads and lengths, tying down your property and belongings or securing tree limbs can help prevent more extensive damage or loss, and may keep an already bad situation from worsening.

Charge Electronics With Power Inverters & Portable Power Banks

Preparing for power outages also means knowing what electronics are vital throughout the course of the storm, and knowing how often you will need to charge and power these essential items. We carry portable power banks, which are pre-charged to help power small electrical devices including phones, devices with rechargeable batteries, and more. For larger electronics, including lamps and small appliances, a power inverter can allow you to use electricity from your vehicle’s battery and charging systems to charge and power electrical devices, and is a great option if you don’t have access to a portable generator.

Grab Tools To Turn Off Utilities Before A Hurricane

It’s advised that you turn off your home’s electric service at the breaker box and the gas line at the meter or junction before a tropical storm or hurricanes hits to prevent damage to electronics or your home during a voltage spike and reduce the chances of a fire. A set of pliers, wrenches, and other basic tools can come in handy when preparing for inclement weather.

Stock Up On Flashlights, AA, AAA & D Batteries Near Seguin, TX

Tropical storms and hurricanes commonly bring power outages due to high wind speeds and increasing water levels. Flashlights may be an obvious hurricane preparation item, but the type of flashlight you choose can greatly improve the ease of weathering the storm. Clip-on lighting and headlamps can be a helpful, hands-free lighting option, or find the perfect chargeable or battery-powered flashlights to best fit your circumstances. We also carry AA, AAA, and D replacement flashlight batteries to help you keep your emergency lights performing as long as necessary.

Yes, You Can Soak Up Water With All-Purpose Oil Absorbent

When towels and sandbags aren’t enough, some types of oil absorbent can be used to absorb water that has entered your home or vehicle. This can not only help keep you safe and dry but may also help retain or save some of your belongings. All-purpose absorbents are granules designed to attract and soak up gasoline, water, solvents, and hazardous waste from surfaces, and are used by simply sprinkling the mixture over the affected area and sweeping up the saturated absorbent. By soaking up areas of sitting water, absorbent can help reduce the amount of stagnant water effectively and efficiently, and won’t leave a pungent smell like using cat litter or other scented products can.

Keep Your Vehicle Running With A Battery Charger, Jump-Starter, or Jumper Cables

If you’re using a power inverter to charge your devices and electronics, your vehicle’s battery may lack the necessary power reserves to start and run your vehicle. A car battery charger is plugged into an external power source, or even a gas-powered generator, to charge the vehicle’s battery. You can also use a battery jump-starter to supply temporary power to turn over your car engine and allow the alternator to recharge the battery. If you’re unable to access a power source, battery cables can also be used to help jump-start your vehicle if there is another running car nearby.

Do It Right Tip: An alternator can become damaged if it’s used to fully recharge a dead battery. We recommend using a battery charger to prevent damage to your starting system.

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